I Build Inspiring Responsive Solutions

What do I do:

I am a Front-end Developer located in London, UK.

I have strong experience on Full Stack development, Responsive Development and Mobile Web strategist development, but above all it is my passion for developing and sharing better ways to code the smartest User-Experience and Usability to look and work beautifully across any environment that can access the web this day and in the future.

MET, London

Google AngularJS MV*, javascript (ES6/TS), Responsive, CouchdB, HTML, CSS, Jasmine/Karma, Agile

SKY, London (NowTV)

Responsive, javascript, Responsive, HTML, CSS, Jasmine/Karma, Agile

BBC, London (Homepage)

Responsive, javascript, HTML, CSS, Agile

Thomas Cook

javascript, HTML, CSS

NOKIA, Berlin

javascript, HTML, CSS, Agile


javascript, HTML, CSS

JackPotParty (Williams Interactive)

Microsoft KO MV*, javascript, Responsive, HTML, CSS, Agile


javascript, HTML, CSS


javascript, HTML, CSS


javascript, HTML, CSS

Santander (Interactive Data)

javascript, HTML, CSS

Union Fenosa (Indra)

javascript, HTML, CSS

IBM, Madrid

javascript, HTML, CSS, technologist


javascript, HTML, CSS