I Build Inspiring Responsive Reactive Solutions

A word about me:

I'm a passionately curious Front-end Engineer located in London, UK.

I have 14 successful years of professional experience as an IT Developer in UK and EU.

I have been working in different countries for several clients as a Software Engineer with Front-end focus but also Back-end using: Angular 4/6/7/8, AngularJS, ReactJS, Svelte, ContextAPI/Redux:@ngrx, react-redux/redux-thunk, IP/OOP/Functional Programming/Reactive Functional Programming, javaScript/ES6+/TS, Callback/ Promise/ Observable, RxJS, Responsive Web Design, Mobile First, CSS/SASS, Angular Material 2/CDK, HTML5, Web/Mobile usability and accessibility. Sonar. Karma/Jasmine/Jest, GIT, CI/CD, Jenkins, GitLab. Using architectures Monolithic/Micro-frontends. Using backend technologies: RestAPI, Java(JSP), Python 3+, PHP and data-bases: PouchDB, MongoDB and MySQL. These have been the main roles I have fulfilled during this time, also combined with smaller freelance commercial and personal projects.

Accuity, London

Mimecast, London

MET, London

SKY, London (NowTV)

BBC, London (Homepage)

Thomas Cook

NOKIA, Berlin


JackPotParty (Williams Interactive)


Santander (Interactive Data)

Union Fenosa (Indra)

IBM, Madrid